Reachability & Availability Checks

Reachability check

Reachability relates to whether the Destination Bank is onboarded with Nexus and able to accept Nexus payments.
Before they can send or receive Nexus payments, banks will need to make some changes to their systems:
  • To receive payments, a bank must ensure that its sanction screening software will pick up and screen incoming Nexus payments in real-time.
  • To send payments, a bank must do the above integration with their in real-time sanctions screening software and additionally update its internet banking app so that Senders can set up payment instructions.
Some banks may choose to only enable the Receive functionality, which requires lower initial investment. These banks will be “Receive-Only” banks. Other banks will be “Send-Receive”, supporting the full range of Nexus functionality. Each IPS is responsible for recording which of its members are and are not Nexus enabled. They will store this information in the SLD and share it with the local Nexus Gateway (See IPS Service Level Description.) The reachability check uses the SLD to confirm that the Destination Bank has at least Receive-Only status.
When the Source Bank calls the Account API, the Destination IPS will check whether that bank is reachable (ie whether it can accept Nexus payments):
    • If the Destination Bank is reachable, the Account Validation process will continue to the next step.
    • If the Destination Bank is not reachable, the Sender will be shown an error message saying that the recipient’s bank cannot accept cross-border payments through Nexus. They will be advised to ask the recipient for an alternative bank account, or to use other cross-border payment methods.

Availability check

Availability refers to whether the Destination Bank’s payment systems are online and functioning right now. Banks may be unavailable due to scheduled downtime (for maintenance) or unscheduled downtime (due to operational disruption, technical issues etc).
This step is optional, as not all IPSs will be able to provide live availability information (or may not be able to provide that information to Nexus in time). If the availability check is not available but the Destination Bank is offline, the Source Bank will still be able to send the payment instruction, but the payment will fail when the Destination IPS is unable to credit the Destination Bank. This will require a reversal of the first part of the payment within the Source IPS. (See Annex: Unhappy Flows.) For this reason, if the bank is offline, it is better to inform the Sender that the payment cannot be made right now and prevent them from proceeding with the payment.