Intermediary Agents

Part of the FX Service. Used by PSPs.

Get intermediary agents (FXP accounts) for a specific quote

A Nexus payment flows through accounts held by an FX Provider in both the Source IPS and Destination IPS. These accounts need to be defined in the pacs.008 so that both IPSs know which accounts to debit and credit.

In the pacs.008, ISO 20022 terminology is used:

  • Each Settlement Account Provider is defined as an Intermediary Agent

  • The FXP's account at the SAP is defined as an Intermediary Agent Account

For any specific quote, the Intermediary Agents (ie the FXP’s accounts) can be retrieved from Nexus by the GET /intermediaryagents/ API operation with the ID of the preferred quote:

Get intermediary agents for a specific quote


The response is automatically formatted in the structure required for the pacs.008 payment instruction that will be sent by the Source PSP to the Source IPS

Path Parameters




Id of the specific quote selected by the Source PSP

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<GtIntrmyAgtRspn xmlns="">
      <Nm>Source Settlement Account</Nm>
      <Nm>Destination Settlement Account</Nm>

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