Part of the Reference Data Service. Used by PSPs.
The Countries API is part of the Nexus Reference Data Service (RDS) and supports the following functionality:
  • Retrieving the list of Nexus-enabled countries
  • Retrieving the list of available payment systems (Unique Payment Systems) in a specific country
  • Retrieving information about PSPs available in a country (mainly used by Nexus for its internal processing)
  • Operations to update the list of countries and the UPS data
The first two of these functions are described below.

Get all Nexus-enabled countries

To set up a Nexus payment, the Sender must start by selecting the country the payment is going to (ie the Destination Country) from a drop-down list in the PSP’s app or online banking.
To populate this list, the PSP should retrieve the full list of Nexus countries and the currencies available in each country using the GET /countries/ API operation.
In most countries, only one national currency is used. However, some countries have payment systems that provide payments in 2 currencies – for example Hong Kong provides HKD and CNH payments.
  • The response includes only those countries that are reachable via Nexus. It is not a complete list of all countries listed in the ISO 3166 standard.
  • Every country in the Nexus countries list should be included in the list shown to the Sender
If a specific country on the Nexus list is sanctioned by the PSP’s home jurisdiction, it is the PSP’s responsibility to remove that country from the list shown to the customer. Nexus does not store information on country-level sanctions rules and so cannot filter the list on behalf of the PSP.
  • The API does not return a country name. Instead, the two-letter country code must be mapped by the PSP to the full country name in the language(s) used in the PSP’s app or online banking channels
  • The countries list only changes when an Instant Payment System joins or leaves the Nexus network.
Retrieve list of Nexus-enabled countries
Returns the list of countries that are connected to Nexus. Country codes are ISO-3166 alpha-2 country codes. Currencies are ISO 4217 alpha-3.
No parameters
200: OK
List of countries