Annex: PSPs who are also FXPs

In some cases, a Source PSP may be able to act as its own FX Provider. This is possible where the Source PSP holds an account with a Destination Settlement Account Provider, so that it can initiate the second payment (to the Destination PSP) from its own account at the Destination Settlement Account Provider. In this case, the Source PSP may want to define its own FX rate. It can do this by:

  1. Posting an FX rate to Nexus (which will also be visible to other Source PSPs requesting that rate)

  2. Setting a PSP-specific improvement for themselves, which will be applied by Nexus whenever they select themselves as the FX Provider.

The Source PSP can now call the GET /quotes/ API operation as normal and select itself as the FX Provider.


  • PSP-E is based in Singapore but holds funds in an account with a Nexus-participant Settlement Account Provider in Malaysia.

  • They onboard with Nexus as an FXP (FXP-E).

  • As FXP-E, they register a PSP-specific discount of 200 basis points for PSP-E.

  • As PSP-E, they request a quote from Nexus. Nexus automatically applies the improvement to FXP-E’s quote. PSP-E sees themselves listed in the list of quotes, with a quote that is more competitive than the rest of the market (because of the discount they give to themselves). They select this quote.

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