Change Log

18 September 2023

  • Editorial revision of content on FX Providers to clarify and reduce duplication.

  • Removal of the concept of Unique Payment System. Where an IPS operates in two currencies, it will be recorded in Nexus as two separate IPS (eg for Hong Kong, "HKDHKFP" and "CNHHKFP").

  • Updated GET /countries/ API documentation to JSON API. (Other APIs will be converted to JSON in due course.)

24 April 2023

  • Updated the response from GET /upss/ (unique payment systems) to remove information about (a) whether IBANs are accepted, (b) the format of a local PSP identifier (such as BIC) and (c) the format of a local account identifier. All this information will be provided on a per-country basis by the revised Addressing & Proxy Resolution service (forthcoming).

23 March 2023

  • Updated entire technical documentation with results of the Nexus Phase 2 proof of concept.

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