Programmable Reporting Logic and Machine Executable Reports

Using the CDM, executable code automatically generated from the model definitions enabled us to simulate the re-creation of the retail mortgage reports for Singapore and the UK referencing the same model.

We took dummy mortgage transactions with the following parameters:

  • New / first retail mortgage loans

  • Owner-occupied

  • One main borrower

  • A 25-year loan, fixed rate for first 5 years

  • Reversion to the firm's standard variable mortgage rate after 5 years

Taking these data feeds and generating the functional logic code based on each jurisdictional requirement that referenced the Ellipse mortgage model, we were able to execute the regulatory “reports” that we derived the attributes from, namely PSD001 and MAS 645.

Links to the technical documentation associated with the CDM can be found in the Annex under References [3].

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