Cross-Border Data Model using Retail Mortgage Loans

To find a common understanding of data collected for regulatory purposes across reporting regimes, the Project Ellipse team used the reporting requirements for retail mortgages in the UK and Singapore.

Retail mortgages were selected for this exercise because while the collection of this data is common across authorities globally, the templates and formats used to collect these data are highly heterogenous. To illustrate, Ellipse based its modelling exercise on the following two regulatory reporting requirements in the UK and Singapore:

The former is an example of reporting requirements being presented in a template, while the latter is an example of requirements being integrated within prudential instruments.

The aim of the initial exercise was to take these respective reporting requirements, with a view to determining whether common baseline requirements could be established. This required a common understanding of the rationale for the data collection, the type of information that is needed for supervisory purposes and what information was “optional”.

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