Request for Recall

In a recall, the Source Bank requests the reversal of a payment instruction that has already been credited to the Recipient. This may be used (possibly on behalf of the Sender) in cases of duplicate payments, fraud or technical problems.
The time frame for initiating and responding is to be defined by the Nexus Scheme and may not be the same as the IPS’s own dispute limits. (For example, a SEPA recall should be initiated within 10 days of initiating the payment and the response to the request should also be handled within 10 days.)
The recall request contains a reference to the original payment ID and a reason code. Nexus will validate the recall request to ensure that it is within the timeline for recalls.
If the Destination Bank accepts the recall request, it may charge a fee for processing the recall. It may be mandatory or optional to ask for the Recipient’s authorization of the recall, depending on the local arrangement and contracts.
The payments are reversed at the FX rate used in the original payment. This is done as part of this flow. The acknowledgement and acceptance from the Destination Bank is the trigger for the Destination IPS to settle the recall.
Recall Message Flows
ISO 20022 Equivalent messages
The messages between the banks and the IPS are based on the local standards. The messages between the Nexus Gateways are based on the ISO20022 standard, where:
PaymentRecallReq = camt.056
PaymentRecallRespOK = pacs.004
PaymentRecallRespNOK = pacs.028