Reasons for account validation failure

There are a number of ways that account validation can fail. The table below shows the action to be taken when account validation fails and what type of message would be shown to the Sender.
Stage & Failure Reason
Example Message to Sender
Alias Conversion: Alias is not linked to an account
The Sender assumes that they can send a payment using the Recipient’s phone number, but the Recipient hasn’t linked this number to a bank account.
“This alias is not linked to an account. Please check the alias for typos or ask the Recipient for alternative account details.”
Destination Bank not enabled to receive Nexus payments
The Destination Bank has not yet made the necessary changes to accept payments through Nexus, for example connecting their sanctions screening software.
“Unfortunately, this bank can’t accept cross-border payments this way. Please ask the Recipient for an account at a different bank, or try sending the payment by [alternative]”
Destination Bank is unavailable
The Destination Bank may have scheduled downtime for maintenance or unscheduled downtime due to an operational incident.
“Unfortunately, the Recipient’s bank is temporarily unable to accept payments. Please try again in a few minutes.”
Destination Account is not active
The account may be closed or frozen if the Sender had out-of-date account details. Or the account could be frozen if suspicious activity was identified on the account.
“Sorry – the Recipient’s account can’t accept payments. Please ask the Recipient for details for a different account.”